Turn the light on...

Turn the light on...

Leatherman, known for their multi-tools, also produces an LED flashlight worth noting… the Serac S3.

As we all know, a flashlight typically has at least a few fragile components. Therefore, often it is essential to take close care of your flashlight. That does not work for me because I treat my flashlight just like any other piece of gear. And therefore, I was breaking a lot of flashlights. Thankfully, my Leatherman Serac S3 has held up very well to the many tests I’ve put it through, ie. hiking, boating, camping and road tripping.

The Serac S3 has three settings and can put out up to 100 Lumen on high. Granted, set that high a full battery will only last about an hour but, the high setting is great for signaling and other short uses. The medium setting pushes out 43 Lumen for four hours per battery and the low (normal) setting 7 Lumen for up to thirty-six hours. The low is plenty bright for most uses including map reading, hiking, setting up a tent, etc.

Also of note, the flashlight body is made of a hard-anodized aluminum, has a 10 year warranty and is resistant to humidity, corrosion and shock. Tough… as… hell.

Leatherman Serac S3 Flashlight

Get the Leatherman Serac S3 Flashlight:
-at Cabela’s
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