Stand-up to the wind…

Attention adventurers!  Attention hikers!  Attention trail runners!  Attention bikers! Remember that hot, muggy summer day that suddenly turned into a cool (almost cold), muggy summer night?  Remember starting your dune climb in a blistering heat at the bottom and then upon arrival at an overlook for the ocean or a Great Lake, getting hit with a cool from-the-water wind?  Well, say goodbye to not having an easily packable piece of wind gear to protect from cool nights and lake or ocean breezes.  Meet the GoLite Dakota Wind Shirt

This shirt has three stand-out features.  First off, this “GoLite” product really is lite; it’s only 4 ounces (103 grams) and packs down into its own (apple sized) pouch.  That makes it convenient for bringing along on any outdoor exploit or stowing in the car with other emergency gear.  Second, the stretch nylon side panels allow for maximum mobility; you’ll be able to climb, paddle and adventure with ease.  Third, the Dakota Wind Shirt’s fabric perfectly blends durability and breathability.  It’s tough enough to be worn through a trail ride spill and it won’t cause you to overheat even when you’re at 110%.  That is a rare combination, indeed.

Really, there is only one slight con to this jacket, and it’s based on a personal preference… the 3/4 zip should simply be a full zip.  A full zip would improve mobility and allow for quick, hassle-less on and off.  All in all though, we recommend this jacket.

Bottom Line:
Worthy of howling back at the wind!

-4 oz. (103 grams)
-3/4 Zip
-Recycled, anti-static fabric
-Stretch Nylon side panels for improved fit
-Self-stowing lower back pocket
-Reflective logos

GoLite Dakota Wind Shirt

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