A stunning entry into the wallet world...

Verbosity has its time and its place. For instance, when I’m checking for hockey scores and highlights in the morning, I don’t want to read an entire article to get to marrow of the game. I want to keep verbosity out of that morning pleasantry. However, when I am roving for information on new gear or getting ready to purchase said gear, verbosity is welcome; thank you J. Peterman and Braithwaite Wallets, Inc.

Before you read the rest of this article on Braithwaite Wallets, take a moment to visit the Braithwaite Wallets, Inc. website… I’ll wait. … … The elegance of the site speaks to the elegance and creative eyes that influence every wallet design. The verbosity of the writing tells us that details are cared for. The design of the five wallets, Cypress, Orpheus, Raptured, The Sunrise and The Vagabond, is impeccable, flavorful and rich with fervor.

The Vagabond is described as being “designed for the man for whom wanderlust isn’t an affliction, but a choice.” Brilliant. If the name “The Vagabond” is enough to capture your attention then that description will sell you on the wallet without an iota more information. The Vagabond is large enough to hold a passport, currency (both plastic and paper) and even a Moleskine notebook. Its measurements are a hearty 7 1/8″ x 4 1/4″ and it’s made from dependable leather. Check our previous article on Moleskine notebooks entitled, Anything That Interests.

There is a true difference in the Braithwaite Wallet. Comparatively, many other wallets are shameful in design and aren’t nearly as durable. The Braithwaite style is unique and well-tailored while not being overzealous. The Vagabond is stunning. Trust us… your inner jacket pocket or your back pants pocket will thank you for filling it with a Braithwaite Wallet.

Braithwaite Wallets, The Vagabond
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